April 23, 2021 Major Remodel – Kitchen, Kitchenette and Family Room

Major Remodel – Kitchen, Kitchenette and Family Room

I began this project with one large room that was the family room, kitchen and kitchenette and turn it into three separate rooms.

The first part of the job was demo. The first part was to put a wall where a cabinet was. Remove the cabinet. I chose the end of a shelve unit to take the cabinet out. When the cabinet was removed, I built the wall between the kitchen and kitchenette from ceiling to floor.  Materials i used were 2 x4 on 16 in centers.  After the initial stud framing, making sure the doorway to the kitchen was centered.  I installed the drywall on the kitchen side.  Added insulation and drywalled the other side of the kitchen wall which was the kitchenette side.

The next stage is running the electrical.  I added a circuit to the circuit panel and ran wire to the switch and ceiling light.

The next wall was carefully selected to provide the most area in the family room. Framed out the second wall and added the drywall to one side and then insulated then added drywall to the other side.  Made sure the doors lined up perfectly.

Now I finished the drywall by applying the mud and then sanding.  Then it was time to paint.  Once the paint was done it was time for the ceiling molding.  Cut an install the molding with brad nail or finishing nail.

Then we decided on what flooring to put in.  We left the existing flooring in the kitchen but installed hardwood planks in the kitchenette and new carpet and padding in the family room.  After the floors were installed then came the floor molding.  Same procedure was followed as the ceiling molding.

Waa Laa!

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